How ABii Was Created

Who is ABii?

ABii is next-generation, educational technology.  ABii engages students with fun, social interactions and effectively delivers national standards-aligned core subject instruction to change the academic trajectory for kids in grades K-5.  ABii gives educators and parents a powerful tool for advancing school performance.  We developed ABii the robot tutor because we fully believe in investing in our children’s future.

ABii is a desktop-size robot with an accompanying web app that can be utilized with any wifi-enabled device. The online skills-based lessons, paired with ABii, and her online friends are part of an ecosystem that covers key topics to improve individual academic achievement.  Students love learning with ABii and stay more engaged in subjects that might otherwise become tedious or challenging for many students.

The Science Behind ABii

ABii and her online friends combine cutting-edge artificial intelligence with proven teaching techniques. With ABii’s highly engaging social interactions and the fun on-screen characters, students stay engaged.  In addition, ABii collects multiple measures of performance and attention and delivers detailed reports to keep educators and parents informed about how their student is doing, even making recommendations about what time of day, or day of the week their student performs best.  Plus, ABii highly personalizes instruction to each student’s individual learning needs, adapting each lesson according to student performance and attention.

A powerful machine learning back-end ensures that the more your student works with ABii, the more effectively the robot will adapt instruction to meet their learning habits.  ABii is very intuitive and enlists the help of her online friends to put your child at ease. Wanda, Mario, Jolt, Vee, and Url are all part of ABii’s ecosystem that works together to make learning exciting! For example, Mario has a pizza parlor but can’t do fractions. Wanda travels all the time but can’t figure out currency conversions. As a team, ABii and her online friends help to build confidence for students while gaining core skills in math.

Where in the world is ABii?

Schools, after school programs and families in 12 states have already adopted ABii to help improve math and reading performance for their students!

Schools are with ABii

Case Study

In 2018, schools located in Kansas, Alabama, New York and Texas participated in a Van Robotics efficacy study to evaluate how much ABii helped students gain math proficiency.   Average pre-test scores for standards-aligned fractions and word problems was just 45% among students testing below proficiency.

Students made impressive gains.  67% of students that tested below proficient, averaged 34% improvement on post-tests or a 79% average score, after just 2-3 sessions with ABii.

Although this stat was nothing to gloss over, we also received great feedback from the students, teachers, and administrators on their favorite use-cases in the classroom!

Who is Vän Robotics?

Founded by a Social Robotics researcher from Yale, Vän Robotics is a company that thrives to lead the push for innovate technological creations. Our team is a group of talented seasoned professionals comprised of a very talented Child Robotics Interaction Specialist from Yale, two-time successful entrepreneurs as CTO and VP of sales and marketing, a former educator and corporate trainer for Apple with decades of experience in Edtech, along with several amazing software developers on staff.

To be a leader in the field we constantly work on ways to improve every day. We’ve researched and tested what’s applicable in the real world and what isn’t. ABii is the result of decades of research, using robots to effectively augment learning and designing lessons that are state standards-based and aligned with the school curriculum. We are leading the way in the field of Artificial Intelligence paired with an intuitive robot tutor for learning.

The Benefits

ABii is more than just another cute technology to entertain kids. The ABii learning platform incorporates a social robot that uses powerful machine learning software to learn, and adapt to, student learning habits that may indicate a student’s readiness to learn and may impact student performance.  In addition, custom-designed lessons created by certified teachers feature a relatable group of online friends that put the learner at ease.

ABii is a powerful tool for educators and parents alike, helping to save valuable time both inside the classroom and out.  ABii eases the classroom workload by gathering important insights about student learning that will enable teachers to make the most of the limited time they have for one-on-one student assistance.  ABii works with students during Independent Learning time, intervention time and small group instruction  to complement what is already being taught in the classroom.  As ABii works with students, key metrics about learning habits is being collected and used to adapt to a student’s needs and to compile a detailed report showing student comprehension, average attention, the impact of attention on performance, times of day and days of the week that correlate to best performance.  All and all, students will get the academic support needed to feel confident in their mastery of core subjects.

The unique pairing of social robotics, artificial intelligence, and solid instructional techniques is a win-win for everyone involved. Thank you for choosing Van Robotics!

ABii is a smart robot tutor who is here to educate and delight your child through super fun, learning adventures. Get your own ABii today and your student will be an ABii Adventurer too!

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