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The place where adventures in learning await!

Welcome to ABii’s World, where your child can jump into their next learning adventure!  It’s a world where everyone has a place and you never know what amazing adventures ABii and her online friends will embark on.  Sometimes, students need a boost to ignite their love of learning and to push beyond what they see as their own limits. ABii is here to help make that happen.

ABii is a unique smart robot that engages the whole student while teaching core math skills.  First, ABii provides direct instruction while your child follows along with each lesson. We know that students perform better if they are looking at the screen during this instruction. ABii is tracking your child’s attention level to identify when your child is looking at the screen or not paying attention.  Sometimes, after a difficult question, your child may not be looking at the screen, but rather, at their computational paperwork. ABii is acutely aware of your child’s attention so she can find patterns that might explain any gaps in the learning process. Also, ABii will signal a much-needed brain break when your child exhibits frustration with multiple problems. The more your child works with ABii, the robot will adapt instruction through the use of artificial intelligence to your child’s specific learning needs.  

Url, Vee, Mario, Jolt & Wanda

ABii is very intuitive and enlists the help of her online friends to put your child at ease. Wanda, Mario, Jolt, Vee, and Url are all part of ABii’s ecosystem that works together to make learning exciting! For example, Mario has a pizza parlor but can’t do fractions. Wanda travels all the time but can’t figure out currency conversions. As a team, ABii and her online friends help to build confidence for your child in the process of gaining core skills in math. Just a little confidence can open the door to improving their outlook in any subject, especially math.  Second, ABii makes learning fun! ABii is designed to be a patient, engaging and amusing tutor! Your child will love working with ABii because it’s okay to make a mistake with a robot. Your child does not have to impress ABii, they simply enjoy learning with ABii and her online friends. Your child may relate to the online friends' characteristics which boost their abilities to tackle challenging tasks.

We would like to welcome you and everyone to ABii’s world, a place where learning is an adventure; a place where your child can relax and be themselves; a place that builds confidence in core math skills necessary to succeed in school; a place where your child can interact with a robot and be excited about learning math without hesitation. We cannot wait to take this journey with all of you. Meet ABii, the smart robot tutor!


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